Your Visit To Our Small World

At Tots Town, you’ll find children and their parents pretending to be doctors, baristas, hairdressers and actors in a small world devoted to the encouragement of imagination.

Whilst running a café together, filling a trolley or taking Dad’s temperature, your tots are learning about themselves and the world, developing social skills and, crucially, having a great parent and child activity in a safe, specially-designed environment.

Bring fun to life

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Interaction is the name of the game at Tots Town. Our zones (sets) perfectly recreate miniature examples of the grown-up world, with careful attention to detail and an emphasis on stimulating the imagination and promoting creativity and self-confidence. Parents and children work together to tailor each activity to the needs of their child with our staff on hand to help guide if needed.


Play in a cooking and serving environment helps me recognise shapes and provides counting opportunities. I learn to share and work as a team.

Photo by Instagram/jordancbrowne

Doctors Surgery

Role-playing at being a doctor helps me develop my caring and nurturing side, as well as learning about illness.

Grocery shopping. Photo by Instagram/Dinky1711


Remembering trips to the real Supermarket with Mum or Dad helps my cognitive development. Playing ‘shops’ encourages interaction and communication.


Dressing up and putting on shows helps me build self-confidence and creativity. My imagination can run wild!