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Perhaps you have been to a role play centre with your child, or you work with children or just simply keen to open your own business and are looking to bring something different to where you live?

Experts in Play

From our beginning as a play centre striving to bring something different to parents in Norfolk, Tots Town has evolved to be a national influencing brand.

We knew we had something special when people asked us to help them open play venues… so we did! In 2016 Tots Town started helping other people start and run amazing role play venues across the UK. This work grew into its own brand, The Role Play Company. You might never have heard of it but it’s responsible for many of the independent role play venues across the UK.

Three years after our first consultancy client, we have now launched our franchise programme to bring the joy of role play to every large town and city in the UK.

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Be Your Own Boss, With A Team Behind You

You are unique, and so is your imagination and that of every child that enters your play venue.

With Us, It’s Personal

When your role play venue is built, it will bring together the fundamentals of the Tots Town brand along with your own inspiration.

All of our play venues will have their own design twist, are sized to suit the area, and give the same high quality wonderful customer experience that keeps families coming back to play.

Freedom, Flexibility, Support

As a franchisee, you will own and run your own business, and with it pride and fulfilment.

We will bring the knowledge, experience and know-how that successfully applied can make your business a success. As your own business, you can balance your family life around business needs; it’s all under your control.

7 Steps to Ownership

Contact Us For A Quick Chat

Let's introduce ourselves and find out a bit more about you.

Visit Tots Town

See in person what Tots Town is all about.

Have A Think About It All

Is running a Tots Town in your future?

Application & Suitability Appraisal

Apply for consideration. We can help every step of the way.

Detailed Discussions

Final, longer discussions - dotting the 'i's, crossing the 't's.

Final Considerations

Imagine how it'll all fit with your life and finances.

Go For It!

Get started with your new children's role play business!


*don’t see your question here? Get in touch with us!

Do you have to have childcare or teaching experience?

Play is a bonding experience as much as a fun one and our seating areas are cleverly integrated in design so that parents can rest and play at the same time. While childcare and teaching experience is common in role play venue owners, we want people who can run a business, not teach. Owners typically come from a professional background, but you do need to be comfortable dealing with adults while instinctively appreciating the needs of children around you.

Doesn't it cost a lot to set up and run a business?

With the right advice and good plans, you can build a quality play centre that generates profits at a good price. The costs to set up a venue are largely associated with the design and build process; we work with you so that the venue reflects your personality, dreams and aspirations whilst being as cost efficient as possible. Before you invest any money, you will have detailed plans about the costs of setting up and running your specific business.

How much does it cost to set up?

With any business there will be up-front costs, which can be funded in various ways. Our links to high-street banks will be beneficial if this is your chosen route. This and other finance details will be discussed more when we have a sit down meeting in the second stage.

There is an initial up-front investment which covers the setting up of your Tots Town play venue. Once open and operational, your monthly management fee, based on a percentage of your sales, provides you with ongoing coaching and support, and continued access to shared resources, support materials and our expert knowledge and skills. This will be explained more fully when you apply.

Is this a way of making easy money?

Well, not easy, but definitely enjoyable. You will work some long days when you open. Our team undertake the complex parts of a business freeing up you to focus on the enjoyable parts. We will give you a thorough training and work experience programme so that you are ready from day 1 to confidently run your own venue.

Couldn't I Just Do This On My Own?

Tots Town was one of the first role play venues to open in the UK. We had to learn quickly about the likes of building regulations, planning laws, toy safety rules, e-commerce laws, marketing, advertising to name but a few. Fortunately, we already knew quite a lot about child psychology and play. It was hard back then but we did it on our own, when there wasn’t much competition. Times have changed, and some people have attempted to open copycat play centres without the underlying knowledge. The reality is that independent owners will increasingly struggle to be competitive and need the benefits of being part of a bigger network to survive long term. Some people copy; Tots Town chooses to lead.

I already run a play centre. Can I join Tots Town?

We are currently considering applications from existing play venues. If you meet our criteria we will talk your through the process to join our network and how it can benefit your business.

Submit A Franchise Enquiry

Your full name
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Which town/city/area do you envisage setting up your Tots Town?
Please include as much detail as possible and/or any questions you might have.

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