Role play at home – snack shack

Control the snack cupboard and help practise maths skills whilst you ‘social distance’ at home. Download our free resources or ask us for a personalised card!

  • Download and print out our template children’s bank payment card (you can order a free personalized one below).
  • Write your child’s name on the card.
  • Download and print out the price list (or have your children create their own – it’s an art lesson in itself and will give them more ownership)
  • Download and print out the Chip & Pin machine and place near the snack cupboard.
  • When children choose their snack, tap the pin machine, and update the rear of the card to show the daily snack balance remaining.

Our tips:

  • For older children, use prices that give some challenge to their maths eg 15p, 27p. For younger children, use very simple prices such as 1p or 2p and adjust the payment card design so the daily allowance is 10p.
  • Choose times the shop opens and closes to help children know the best time to snack and help with learning the concept of time. (Ours closes at 4 pm to make sure they eat dinner!)
  • Put some blue tack on the payment cards and stick them on the door of the snack cupboard. This will remind them to use their card and practise maths whenever its snack time.
  • If you want a personalised card, fill in the form below and we will email you a personalised card as soon as possible.

As you know we are all about play and would love to share other ‘role play from home’ ideas during this time. We have been overwhelmed with support; people postponing party bookings, and others buying gift vouchers for upcoming birthdays in order to avoid going to shops. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more updates. Keep safe everyone and a huge thank you to all the key workers.

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