Business start-up meeting


If you are thinking about opening a role play venue, then this is the essential meeting you absolutely need to have.   Access the experience, wisdom, and stories from owners who have been there and still wear the T-shirt!   In business, it’s both the big decisions and the little details that can make the difference between success and failure. The Business Start-Up Meeting is the way to find the honest truth behind profitability, realities, customers and methods that work.  We will help you come up with a plan to open (we have a template plan specially written for role play venues), host a private behind-the-scenes tour of a play venue (virtual or in-person), discuss the realities of the industry, and the pro’s and con’s of different venue styles and business decisions.  We will conduct our own market analysis, talk with our owners, and spend the morning answering all your questions and suggesting ones you may never have thought of! As well as this, you will have 30 minutes of time in reserve for the future for when you want an expert opinion on a critical decision; whether it be viewing potential premises or help with venue design, we will know you and your idea and be able to give informed honest advice just when you want it the most.

We want to make the indoor role play industry as professional as possible, and absolutely love meeting people who want to start role play venues.  For a friendly, approachable, knowledgeable conversation with fellow owners who have been helping people since 2016, this is arguably the wisest money you will spend setting up your play venue.

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Is our conversation confidential?    Yes. We will ask you to confirm where you are looking to open and for proof of ID (we don’t want competition in our back yard nor to have any conflicts of interest) and then we sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement. The NDA confirms that we will keep your secrets completely secret; and you agree to do the same with what we tell you.  While we won’t share details of our own business profits, the how/why/when we do things and how they maximise profits are things we will share but would like to keep safe within our conversations!

Where do we meet?  We can do this via video conferencing, but we recommend meeting in person (ideally in Norwich so you can visit Tots Town). We will try to meet any day of the week that suits everyone’s diaries, and we recommend meeting first thing in the morning because the discussions are often quite intense and you need to be well rested!

Have you done this before?  We have met with people from all over the UK to help them on their journey, and when we find time we write blogs as The Role Play Company . It’s quite normal (not to mention very sensible) to take good advice from a specialist before embarking on a major life change.  We have been doing this since 2016. We believe that for every pound spent on us, you earn it back many times over by having lower costs and higher sales.

Am I required to open a Tots Town brand?  No. We want a professional, high quality role play industry to develop across the UK, and these meetings help achieve this goal.   If you subsequently ask to open under the Tots Town brand, then we would reimburse the cost of this meeting against future invoices associate with licensing etc, but there is no commitment at this stage.  We simply want to see great play venues opening in whatever form they take.

Can I change my mind? We always have a quick telephone chat with you after you have booked a meeting. It’s important that both you and us feel we are well matched.  After our short telephone chat, if you don’t want to proceed you can ask to cancel and receive an immediate refund. If you would like to chat before paying, just get in contact.


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