One hour consultancy support


For role play business owners who are getting ready to open, or already trading.  Sometimes, you just need someone to turn to who ‘gets it’.   Whether it’s employing staff, getting more online engagement and sales, just feeling a little overwhelmed, wanting to sell your business on, confused by rules and policies, or just needing someone to vent at….. we understand.

We want the indoor role play industry to be a strong vibrant collection of businesses, with a high quality experience at its core.  For a friendly, approachable, knowledgeable conversation, without tie-in, we provide bespoke consultancy support.  We have been working with fellow role play owners since 2016 and know this industry and its customers really well.  From email and WhatsApp support, through to Face-to-Face in-depth reviews; we know you and your business and unique and we always look to find a unique package that suits you.  We would love to be best business buddies!

To access an hour of expertise, please complete the details below. For other types of support, please get in contact.


Is our conversation confidential?    Yes. We will ask you to confirm where you are looking to open and for proof of ID (we don’t want competition in our back yard nor to have any conflicts of interest) and then we sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement. The NDA confirms that we will keep your secrets completely secret; and you agree to do the same with what we tell you.  While we won’t share details of our own business profits, the how/why/when we do things and how they maximise profits are things we will share but would like to keep safe within our conversations!

How you do provide the support?  We normally provide this support via telephone or video calling.  We can also provide chat or email based support if we have previously worked together. This support is available during normal working hours and during evening/weekends, subject to availability.  We recommend providing a list of things you want to discuss to help up in our preparation for the meeting.

Have you done this before?  We have met with people from all over the UK to help them on their journey, and when we find time we write blogs as The Role Play Company . It’s quite normal (not to mention very sensible) to take good advice from a specialist before embarking on a major life change.  We have been doing this since 2016. We believe that for every pound spent on us, you earn it back many times over by having lower costs and higher sales.

Why do you provide support to businesses that aren’t opening as Tots Town brands?  We want a professional, high quality role play industry to develop across the UK, and these meetings help achieve this goal.  High quality children’s educational play is really important to us, and to make it available nationwide will always required a collective effort with chains and independents alike; we simply want to see great play venues opening in whatever form they take and to be part of that journey.

Can I change my mind? We encourage you to get in contact with us before you purchase consultancy time, in order to ensure this is the right support for you. It’s important that both you and us feel we are well matched. Providing we haven’t spent any time researching your questions, you can cancel any time before we chat.