Juggling family life and business

Can you believe that opening a new business could be as stressful as having a new baby? That’s right!  Back in 1967, two psychologists rated how stressful different life events were, and major changes to your business (like a business start-up) were pretty high on the list. https://www.mindtools.com/pages/article/newTCS_82.htm

Setting up your own children’s indoor role play centre, while raising a family at the same time, might leave you feeling like you need to be a superhero to achieve this challenge.  But read on, and you might just find yourself wearing that superhero cape sooner than you think!  Doing it on your own with no support is one heck of a challenge and most businesses have some framework of support, either franchise or consultancy, behind them (certainly the successful ones all seem to)!

How will I juggle family life?

Things to remember:

  • The Leisure industry is a 7 day a week business. The days you may have traditionally taken off work are also the ones customers want to have fun on. You will now need to consider more flexibly which days to take off, with the benefit of having no constraints of an employers holiday allowance!
  • You cannot take your children to work.  Yes, a role play centre is a place for children to play, but to run a successful business and have your children to supervise at the same time is just not a practical and professional option. You will still need child care in place.
  • As the business owner, the buck stops with you, but the business should still run without you. You need to have contingency plans in place so that the business works when you aren’t there for a day or if you are on that well-deserved family holiday.
  • Working hours become flexible. Opening a role play centre alongside running a household means that you fit in activities like school plays, but you may find yourself also having to fit in office work after children have gone to bed for an hour here and there!

Who is your Support Team?

Tots Town is, and always has been a team effort.  We sourced lots of support, from play consultants, SEN consultants, a superb IT support team to name a few.   That support gave us the confidence and skills to start a high quality business with longevity; because it is pointless investing even £1 if you don’t get long term benefit. The support team is more like a support network, because not only do they provide specialist knowledge, but they have great business experience and that is arguably at times more critical than their specialist knowledge.

If you’ve worked in a corporate or professional environment, you’ll know that even though you are well trained to do your job, there are always times you need to either call in a specialist, or more often just have someone you trust who understands your job to bounce ideas off. Your family and friends will, of course, be keen to help but the truth is that they may often simply say what they think you want to hear (because they are nice), or what they think a business should be like (because they have always been a customer, not a business owner).

Does Franchising help with family life balance?

Would you pay a small fee to have some of the pressures taken off me, to reduce the risks I face and have access to mountains of knowledge and support, with the expectation that this knowledge allows me to make more money in sales than the fee itself costs?

Running a play venue is fulfilling, but at times without support, we can see how it could easily become all encompassing.  We have been there, walked the walk and worn the polo shirt. We’ve then done it hand in hand with others. After having access to all the Tots Town franchising support to help you open a role play centre, you might just wonder why you considered doing it alone.

Feeling ready get that work-life balance back in place as your own boss. Come and join our team…….

You can read more of our blogs at https://tots-town.co.uk/diary/   and discover more about how we work with brilliant people to open and grow their own role play venues here.