Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Tots Town?

Tots Town near Norwich is a play centre based around a child sized town.

Think supermarket, café, doctor’s surgery, town square, hairdressers, shoe shop and even a theatre. Take coffee orders, be the star on the stage, examine patients X-Rays or check mum’s shoe size. Watch your child immerse themselves in their imagination and join in to help make their play believable. Each scene is crafted to promote self-confidence, communication skills and social awareness in a familiar real-life scenario.

Our team of consultants includes Early Years educators, special needs advisors and child play specialists have guided every setting’s features to maximise the role play opportunities. Parents should expect to be playing alongside the children (but you can normally sneak in a few minutes for coffee and cake)!

Whereabouts are you?

It’s best to use this Google link:

Some car Sat Navs can take you to the wrong side of the A11 or cause difficulties on local roads. Please check our directions page (especially if you want to know about the secret way in from Hethersett)!

Running late? Don’t worry; you can arrive late and still have a great play session but you will need to leave at the normal time.

Where can I park my car?

Our free car park is right outside our front door.

Do I need to book?

Our play sessions run at fixed times and are normally full. This means that advanced booking is essential. All bookings are taken on our webpage – we only accept telephone bookings in the last few hours before a session starts and this is subject to availability.

I need to cancel a booking.

Let us know as soon as possible: email or call us on 01603 928080.

If you give us more than 24 hrs notice, we will send you a code so that you can come to visit us again in the future.

With less than 24 hrs notice, we will try to sell you places on to someone else; if successful we will send you a code for a future visit.

The sooner you tell us the more likely we can help.

What do we need to bring with us?

Socks! Adults and kids need to wear socks (it keeps the place spotlessly clean). If you do forget your socks there will be some available to purchase at the front desk. If you are booking for friends, please tell them to bring socks too!

Booking Details. You don’t need to print out your booking details; when you arrive we will simply ask you for the name of the person who made the booking. You are welcome to arrive 5 minutes before your session time and get yourself ready for playing; any earlier and we will be busy cleaning and tidying the play centre so you may have to wait outside.

What age is Tots Town suitable for?

Once your toddler is confidently walking they will enjoy Tots Town, typically pushing shopping trolleys, taking items of shelves and building brick walls. We suggest a maximum age of 7 years old.

Babies are welcome to come along with their older paying siblings for free (please book them a space online along with everyone else in your group). Children who you think are too old to play but who are accompanying younger siblings should have places booked online as ‘Additional Adults’. If you find they love it so much that they play, please let our team know and pay the difference between an adult and child price.

Is Tots Town suitable for primary school-age children?

Yes absolutely, provided your child enjoys using their imagination and role playing then they are likely to enjoy Tots Town playing either with an adult, friend or younger sibling.

Is Tots Town accessible and inclusive?

Our building is on a single level without steps and every setting is wide enough for wheel chair access; the car park is very close to the front door. We also have a large accessible toilet adapted for wheelchair users.

Tots Town was designed to make all the sessions inclusive to as many children as possible. We worked closely with a special needs consultant and designed the play centre to have carefully considered levels of visual and auditory stimulation and to operate with a low number of children in order to keep play sessions (typically) as calm places to attend. In doing so, it avoided restricting parents to particular session dates and times and gave them the confidence that they are welcome any time.   It's also worth knowing that we do hire out play sessions for exclusive hire to groups.  If you had a group of families who wanted to hire Tots Town exclusively for your own use, we can do this for you at a cost of £85 (£100 in school holidays).

Anything else I should know?

We only let a small number of people play at any time. That means it’s never overcrowded (even on a rainy day in winter!).

We like cleaning everything.

It's warm (and air-conditioned in summer).

If you can’t make your session for any reason let us know by phone 01603 928080 or email (

We don’t offer refunds but if given sufficient notice (normally 24hrs) we will give you a voucher to come and visit us again. With less than 24 hrs notice, we may not be able to offer anything but do let us know.

Do Adults get to play?

Absolutely. Children really benefit from having someone to interact with, because, ‘It takes 2 to role play’...

Sometimes they will tell you what to do and other times they might just need a little sparkle of imagination from you help then set off on a role play journey.

If your child is a little shy at first, we recommend letting your child explore the various settings and see which one they feel comfortable to play in first; let them take the lead in how they play and be ready to play your supporting role.

Snacks and Coffee?

Naturally! Most of the time you and the children will be so engrossed in what you are doing that you won’t want to stop playing. But if you do need a few minutes to recharge, then we do great coffee, roasted just a few miles away and always with fresh milk. (You can even pre-order coffee and cake for a discount price too when you book)!

For children we offer snack boxes and light snacks. If you want a meal after playing, there are some excellent local farm shops, cafés and restaurants locally. We can give you directions to Church Farm Shop or Wymondham Garden Centre.

Can I bring my own food to a play session?

We sell a range of snacks that meet the demands of most adults and children but you are welcome to bring with you any unusual snack food that your child has a particular craving for!

Due to the fixed session times and quick turn-round between session, we recommend not bringing anything else.

Do you host children's birthday parties here?

YES! We do wonderful stress-free parties, you can find all the details here.

If it’s a weekend party, you can check dates and book it instantly online.

Weekdays can be booked by using our enquiry form.

Do I need to book an entertainer for my party?

Tots Town is the entertainment! Children will be completely entertained by the play centre and don’t need anything else, other than food, a cake and maybe some party bags.

Unlike a village hall, we will have it all ready for you when you arrive, will tidy up for you, do any washing up and even cut and wrap the cake. We did mention it was stress-free didn’t we?