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Children’s Christmas Role Play Toy Gift Ideas 2021

Our Chief Designer spends hours each week researching the best and most durable toys!  It’s a crucial role and one they take very seriously with safety and fun at the top of their criteria.  Role play toys have quite literally never been so popular and every day parents visiting Tots Town ask us where to source some toys.  So with Christmas approaching we decided to ask out Chief Designer to list the most popular toys.

We always keep ahead of trends in role-play.
The toys used in Tots Town are played with multiple times every day, so you can trust these have been well tested.

Lindsay - Chief Designer

1. Christmas Dinner!

For those children who love a spot of home baking, we have Christmas dinner ready to be served (with all the fun and none of the mess!).  The wooden turkey is a guaranteed hit as children love to can chop it up and share it amongst the family.  A firm favourite!

2. Mmm… fresh cookies

We just love these Christmas cookies by Melissa and Doug, they offer an entertainment value of 10/10 for our little visitors.   To design great role-play activities, we always blend great fun with hidden learning.  The cookie set is perfect for practising those skills of counting and matching while also playing baking.

3. Get ready for Santa

The Theatre role play corner has a warm cozy fireplace with mince pies and carrots ready to leave for Santa.   Children particularly enjoy role-playing Christmas Eve and all of the excitement which comes with the most magical evening of the year!

4. Ride-on horses!

Possibly the most popular winter play area at Tots Town is the stable play setting.  This year our resident horse is needing some extra fuss and will need lots of combing and feeding of carrots.  The horse is great quality, has a weight capacity of 100kg (that’s about 4 children!!!) and is completely worth the price.  It’s perfect sized for children aged 3-10.  At Tots Town there are often tears when it comes to saying goodbye to ‘Popcorn the horse’ at the end of a play session but buy one for home and you can experience the joy of cowboy, vet, racing and stable role play without the tears!


5. Hairdressers are always open for business with these mannequins…

The ladies in the hairdresser at Tots Town are ready for their Christmas updos along with some lovely role play make-up.  While our commercial-grade dolls heads aren’t available to buy online, the incredibly realistic make-up is.   These role-play make up sets have realistic colours and textures along with very soft brushes (and as its all pretend there is never any mess to tidy up either!).

6. Winter Ice-Cream……you must be kidding?

Ice-cream sounds strange at this time of year but children never tire of role-playing with ice creams. This set by Great Little Trading Company adds a magic twist with jokes on the ice cream stick. It brings us straight back to my childhood! Do real ice-creams still have jokes on them I wonder?

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