Welcome to Tots Town

Tots Town is a new unique interactive play centre based around a child sized town. Think supermarket, café, doctor’s surgery, town square, hairdressers, shoe shop and even a theatre. Take coffee orders, be the star on the stage, examine patients X-Rays or check mum’s shoe size. Watch your child immerse themselves in their imagination and join in to help make their play believable.

Each scene is crafted to promote self-confidence, communication skills and social awareness in a familiar real-life scenario. Our team of consultants includes Early Years educators, special needs advisors and child play specialists have guided every setting’s features to maximise the role play opportunities.Copyright Tots Town Ltd 2020

Each element of Tots Town aims to ensure a high quality play session shared with a few other tots in set time sessions throughout the day. Play areas are regularly checked and tidied; enter this small town to observe your child learn through believable play. Copyright Tots Town Ltd 2020

Our play sessions run at fixed times and are normally full. This means that advanced booking is essential. All bookings are taken on our webpage – we only accept telephone bookings in the last 2 hours before a session starts and this is subject to availability.

Photo by Instagram/Dinky1711

About Us

Tots Town was set up with love and care by Parents Lindsay and Ian James.

Lindsay Tots Town.

Our creative force is Lindsay.  A mum of two pre-school girls, her weekends were often spent satisfying the demands of her eldest girl to play ‘cafe’ in the hallway! Now the Tots Town set designer, Lindsay uses her 10 years of experience as a primary school teacher to ensure the role play settings are fun and support the core learning strategies used in primary schools.  Originally from Norfolk, Lindsay has worked across the UK and even in Australia but couldn’t resist returning to be part of the Tots Town team. She also loves halloumi.


Behind the scenes, Ian is our Technical Lead.  Previously a helicopter engineer, his unwavering precision with paperwork and engineering has lifted Tots Town from a 2D dream to a real life structure. Years of working in aviation engineering and project management gave Ian a geeky love for quality and safety.  Growing up in London, and being given his grandfathers toolbox at too young an age, Ian is obsessed with making play feel real but safe.  He runs our quality control and training system.