First Aid requirements for children’s role play venues

Do all staff need to be First Aid trained? It’s one of the most common questions people ask when deciding to open a new role play venue. What responsibilities do you have, who needs training and what level of qualification do they need? In this blog, we dispel a few myths, give some tips and share our experience.

What does UK law require role play venues to provide? The Health and Safety (First-Aid) Regulations 1981 say it is down to the employer to assess the need for first aid provisions; and we recommend reading the very helpful HSE guidance at…/what-employers-need-to-do.html to find out more. But, the Regulations do not require employers to provide first aid for members of the public. It’s different if you are providing childcare ( in which case OFSTED rules also apply), but for most play venues you also need to consider the more general Health & Safety Regulations too. Your insurance provider may also require you have a specific level of First Aid training; each insurer has slightly different rules. Finally, there are some British Standards that can be applied to indoor play; these are too detailed for this article so if you want more information then do get in contact.

So, do I need to give First Aid to customers and their children? The legal requirements are detailed in in 1981 regulations. Whilst you normally have no legal duty to non-employees, we believe customers expect you to be capable of providing emergency assistance to their children. We also believe it’s a moral obligation and a sensible business choice to have staff that are trained to recognise life threatening conditions in children and be able to respond appropriately. This is similar to many organisations such as schools, places of entertainment, fairgrounds and shops who provide a service for others. Most First Aid training courses will discuss the legal implications to businesses and individual trainees of giving First Aid to people.

What qualifications do I need? There is no specific law that describes what qualification you need. It’s your responsibility to consider the activities taking place, what the risks might be, and what First Aid support is appropriate. Fortunately, for most venues the standard First Aid courses most providers offer should fit your needs. These included emergency first aid for children or adults (this is typically the things that you can do to save a life), as well as longer in-depth courses that cover treating both minor and serious conditions that aren’t immediately life threatening. For those opening play venues with our help, we will discuss these decisions in detail with you and make suggestions as to what qualification is appropriate. If you want to discuss your particular case with us, then get in contact.

What sort of things need First Aid treatment? It’s vital that a play venue is well designed. From the height, size, materials, through to how staff manage visitors, we know from experience of multiple play venues that a well designed and well run play venue should result in children playing in a safe way. In play venues we have helped design, first aid treatments are just the occasional little knock or and bump from children bumping in to each other!

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by Ian

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